ACTIVGEN / Woodward
Woodward actiVgen


  • Isochronous speed control
  • For use on Caterpillar diesel engines with ADEM™ electronic control modules

Belangrijke specificaties

  • Easy access to PID settings
  • Decreasing commissioning time and expense

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Woodward’s ACTIVGEN™ engine speed control was designed specifically for use on Caterpillar diesel engines equipped with ADEM™ electronic control modules.

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The ACTIVGEN control does not replace the ADEM control; rather it is used as a separate, external primary speed control with user-configurable PID settings. The
ACTIVGEN control gives the user full access to tune the Caterpillar engine directly, which can save time and expense during commissioning. The ACTIVGEN control frees the user to make regular “maintenance” tuning adjustments over time to maintain optimum system performance as operating conditions change.

The ACTIVGEN control interfaces easily with secondary paralleling genset controllers, such as the Woodward easYgen™-3000 series. Communication between the ACTIVGEN control and secondary paralleling genset controllers is done over a CAN network using the standard SAE-J1939 protocol. CAN-based digital communication provides an advantage over analog bias signals by allowing the secondary paralleling control to be mounted in the switchgear, far from the generator skid, while decreasing vulnerability to noise interference commonly experienced on analog bias lines.

The ACTIVGEN control uses the same Woodward ToolKit programming software as the easYgen controllers, making commissioning and tuning of parallel systems
quicker and easier when the two controllers are used together.

Caterpillar offers an option in the ADEM called Direct Fuel Control (DFC). Once enabled, DFC allows an external speed control (the ACTIVGEN) to control fuel to
diesel engines directly, based on a PWM input to the ADEM. The DFC option is available across multiple Caterpillar platforms, from the C27 to the CM product lines. DFC only disables the speed governing function of the ADEM; engine protection and other functions are retained, and it does not affect emissions.

The ACTIVGEN control works with the ADEM unit to provide accurate fuel control in order to maintain constant engine rpm. The ACTIVGEN control allows the user to tune the dynamics of the engine to provide stability at steady state and optimum response to large load steps, ensuring smooth synchronization, reduced engine hunting, and improved load sharing.

The ACTIVGEN control is housed in a robust enclosure and can be mounted directly on the engine skid, providing reliable control under extreme operating conditions.