Berg-BME461 Berg-BME461-DIN-rail


  • Direct measurement up to 80A

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  • MID approval
  • 4-quadrant measurement
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Electronic active and reactive energy meters for direct measurement.

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The MID-approved BME energy meter from Berg helps you to do this and creates transparency in your energy supply. Its integrated 4-quadrant measurement allows the measurement of active and reactive energy in the reference or discharge direction, up to eight independent tariff registers make it fit for future tariff structures. On the backlit display, read off network sizes such as
neutral or phase currents, phase voltages, frequency all power types and even the THD U / I distortion directly.

The BME independently checks its installation and displays an installation error such as a wrong rotary field direction, phase failure or reverse polarity due to color change in the display.

With its integrated Modbus RTU / TCP, M-Bus, BACnet IP or LONBUS interface, BME meters can exchange measured data with all control or energy management systems. For traditional meter reading systems, a version with two S0 pulse outputs is also available. The operation of the BME is intuitive, high-quality processing and is a compact size. The parameterization key, which is protected by a sealable cover, makes the BME tamper-proof and its quality standard “Made in Germany” means a 3-year guarantee for you.

  • Direct measurement up to 80A
  • MID approval
  • 4-quadrant measurement
  • 8 tariff registers (4 of which are hardwarecontrolled according to MID)
  • multimeter functions
  • Integrated communication interface BACNet IP, Modbus TCP/RTU, M-Bus, LONBUS or Impulse\
  • Made in Germany, 3 years warranty