DTSC-50 / Woodward


  • Emergency stand-by applications with a single generator

Belangrijke specificaties

  • Open transition transfer
  • Fully-enclosed housing
  • Removable terminal blocks

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The DTSC-50 digital transfer switch controller is an economical controller for open-transition (break before make) automatic transfer switch control.

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Utility-to-Generator application
Utility is preferred with a generator as the emergency source

The DTSC-50 is intended for emergency stand-by applications with a single generator. When it detects a utility failure it commands the generator to start and transfers the load to the emergency source. When utility power is restored it performs an open-transition retransfer and allows the engine to cool-down before stopping. It can be utilized in 1Ph2W, 1Ph3W, 3Ph3W and 3Ph4W Systems.

The DTSC-50 displays voltage and frequency values for each phase, as well as engine hours, maintenance hours and number of transfers. Active alarms are annunciated via the seven segment LED display. Separate LEDs show breaker status and source availability. Sealed soft-keys enable the user to start the generator and operate the transfer switch manually.

Password-protected programming can be accomplished through the front face or with a PC. Parameter limits and timers for utility and generator monitoring are freely programmable, adding a level of flexibility in the DTSC-50 not found in most lower-end ATS controls.

The unit is fully enclosed in a plastic housing for safety and has removable terminal blocks for easy wiring.

Open-transition transfer switch designs frequently use interposing relay logic to ensure that the utility and generator circuit breakers can’t be closed at the same time, adding cost and wiring. The DTSC-50 uses breaker position reply signals to interlock the breakers internally, eliminating the need for external relays. The controller can also be configured to ignore breaker replies if they are unavailable, for instance in retrofit applications.


  • Open transition transfer
  • 6-digit, 7-segment LED for:
    • display of measuring values (V, f)
    • display of counters
    • display of alarms
  • Configurable trip levels/delays
  • Customizable display using paper-strips
  • Counters for:
    • Operation hours
    • Maintenance
    • Number of starts
    • Number of transfers
  • Removable terminal blocks for easy wiring
  • Configurable via PC and/or front panel
  • Password protection